We are Bradley and Stephanie Rogers, a husband and wife photography duo, best friends, and individual artists who bring two unique perspectives into a unified vision. Our obsession with light greatly inspires and motivates us to create works of art for you in our own distinct style.

We met January of 2009 at a show in Austin, Texas and it was love at first sight. Honestly it was one of those movie moments where Stephanie came in the venue to find Bradley, people slowly parted ways and Stephanie was standing under a spotlight glowing. We knew soon after we were going to get married and tied the knot a year and a half later. We felt a connection based on our love for music and a mutual appreciation for creativity in all forms. 

Creative storytelling has been a true passion of ours since starting wedding photography in 2011. Our greatest desire is to bring out the true emotion of your love through clear direction and genuine connection. We love and value all people equally, and photograph people from all backgrounds. 

During our time off together we enjoy walking around the city or simply hanging out on our couch watching TV or playing video games. Our vinyl collection is constantly growing and we still love going to see our favorite bands. 

meet us

meet us

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meet calvin

"Happiness equals reality minus expectations."
- Tom Magliozzi

I grew up east of Austin in a town called Taylor. I'm honestly just a simple gal who is laid back. I'm passionate about helping and loving others. 

Things I love:
+ A nice beer with deep conversation
+ Cheese, cheese, cheese
+ Coffee every day
+ Petting Deckard way too often
+ Being surrounded by large landscapes
+ Small animals
+ Netflix/TV (Hannibal, Peaky Blinders, Twin Peaks are some favorites)
+ All the salt water taffy in the world

I was born and raised in Houston but have lived all across Texas for the past ten years. I graduated from the University of North Texas in 2014 and have been photographing full time since then.

Things I love: 
+ Walking around in the city
+ Learning as much as I can about everything.
+ Staying up late
+ Eating pizza
+ Playing guitar (badly)
+ Video games 
+ Anything narrated by David Attenborough
+ Am I allowed to say photography here?

I was adopted in 2014 because in a room full of 7 other cats I came straight to my mom and was being super affectionate. Obviously I wanted to get out of that stuffy room. I stared at mom and dad with my big blue eyes and I think that's what stole their heart. I've been happy ever since. 

Things I love:

+ My evening pumpkin treat
+ I'm not great at playing but love to try
+ Always being around people
+ Chasing shadows on the wall
+ Sleeping with my belly up is oh so comfortable
+ Sprinting around the apartment in the middle of the night even though it drives my parents crazy




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our wedding exit July 10, 2010

the best airbnb ever!

Deckard making it all about him

Denver trip to see the band hot snakes

one of our favorite TX landscapes, Big Bend

how do you resist his belly?!