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✔ Can highlight the uniqueness of your relationship
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✔ Is just as excited about your wedding as you are


Thank you so much for stopping by, we really appreciate your interest in our work! We got married back in 2010 and it's been a blast being married to each other for over a decade. Unfortunately, the experience with our wedding photographer left a lot to be desired and shortly after our wedding we became wedding photographers. We knew there was so much more to the wedding experience and we couldn't wait to share that with others. (you!)

We live in Austin, TX and absolutely love the city and all that it offers! Much of our time is spent outdoors, connecting with people, and  finding new ways to enjoy life any moment we can. You can *read more* about us by clicking below!

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We're an Austin, TX based husband and wife wedding photography team. We  absolutely love the city and all that it offers! Much of our time is spent outdoors, connecting with people, and finding new ways to enjoy life any moment we can. You can *read more* about us by clicking below!

They had something unique that we didn't see in any other photographers. We were able to meet up several times to discuss plans, and by the end of it, we were proud to call them friends! We trusted their artistic views and let them have the freedom to take whatever shots they wanted. They made our wedding day so easy, so memorable, and so perfect! Not only do we love Brad and Stephanie, but all of our guests are obsessed with them and their work, we've had at least two people say their favorite part of the night was seeing Brad in action. We are grateful that they were available and agreed to shoot our day, it wouldn't have been close to the same without them.

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Being a husband and wife team that has photographed more than 100 weddings together, we have the experience to help guide and educate you throughout the whole process.

We strive to ensure that your wedding day is about you and your loved ones by creating a relaxed environment where you are free to enjoy yourself. We're there to capture every moment while seamlessly blending in.

However you decide to celebrate throughout your day is what's important and we want to hear all about what you have in mind. Not wanting a bouquet or garter toss? That's fine! You want a pizza bar instead of catering? We're all for it! 

Since we will be with you the majority of your day, your experience with us will be more than just a client/vendor relationship. Our positive and fun approach to weddings will make your day that much more fun.

We're here to laugh with you, cry with you, and will most likely tell some terrible jokes. That's okay, we're not here to be stiff and serious but rather have a blast celebrating together with you.

You've worked hard planning your wedding and it shows! Our attention to detail will be apparent in all of your images. Whether you look through your gallery for the first time or for the 100th time, we want you to relive each moment and feel it all over again. 

we're all about having a relationship with you. 
Nothing forced. Just honest and raw moments.

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