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Laid-Back Engagement Session at Mayfield Park

March 11, 2024

We loved photographing Morgan and Jay’s laid-back engagement session atΒ  Mayfield Park. They were immediately silly and authentically themselves in front of the camera. This speaks volumes to how comfortable they are with each other and it’s so apparent. Mayfield Park was such a perfect location for their session. The vibe is intimate with a lot of variety to photograph in such a small area! Plus, you can support this historical location with a donation ofΒ  your choosing when you come here. The lighting is perfect in the evening and it felt amazing running around this park with them.

Morgan and Jay met on Tinder and had their first date at Halcyon in Downtown Austin 7 years ago. Jay ordered tabletop S’mores and they talked over White Russians. They were smitten with each other and continued their date over at Peche for a drink after a little hand-holding.

When Morgan met Jay she was immediately attracted to his smile and laugh. Her heart melts when she sees the way his smile wrinkles. He keeps everything upbeat even in difficult situations and his sense of humor is always enjoyed. Morgan loves that he has an insatiable enthusiasm for growth in learning and adventuring. He delights in a simple stroll or a huge adventure to new countries all with a true sense of awe in the big and small.

Jay told us that Morgan has hands down the most genuinely happy smile he’s ever seen. She’s genuinely positive towards other people on another level that isn’t fake or over the top. People feel safe around her. (we can agree!) She’s super beautiful which is a quality that shines even brighter when she’s really happy. When she smiles towards Jay, he says several parts of his brain collectively shut off. That’s genuinely the sweetest thing! She’s smart as hell and is an incredible artist!

After meeting these two, we’d have to agree. They are both incredibly unique individuals and make such a special couple together. This brings us to Jay’s planning for the proposal. He planned on proposing during a Eurotrip but with Covid kicking off it knocked that idea out. They went on a trip to Disney World with a couple of friends tod do a full tour of the 12 different countries while enjoying all the food and drinks.

At 9pm was a firework show so it was the perfect setup. Eighteen minutes in a massive firework slowly flies over the lake. Jay said, “alright everyone, it’s time”, and their two friends started recording and taking photos. Jay said some words and then all at once, every angle of the circle in the park shot a canon of fire toward the lake. That’s right when he dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him!

Their story is incredibly sweet and they truly enjoy each other’s presence. They’ve shared so many adventures together already and this engagement session was just one more adventure before their wedding! We hit it off so well with them we went to laser tag a few weeks later and talked for hours. All while collecting tickets for a variety of candies and colorful erasers. We hope you can capture a fragment of their joy and love going through their images.

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Laid-Back Engagement Session at Mayfield Park

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